OWN IT 2017 Discussion Session Topics


These discussion sessions will be smaller, subject oriented conversations where participants will be able to listen, ask questions, and meet our speakers in person!

Reclaiming the Kitchen: Women in the Food Industry

Despite women making up the majority of cooks at home, restaurants are still male-dominated spaces. Come hear a young cook discuss her experience making the food industry a feminist space.

SPEAKERS: Amanda Shulman

Women & Image

This panel will focus on the various ways women choose to present themselves. Come hear from leading women in the fashion & style industry, who are helping redefine image norms. 

speakers: Solange Franklin & Breanna Moore

Policymakers: Women in Washington

Come learn what it’s like to be in the room where decisions are made that affect ordinary people. These women have worked on foreign policy, military affairs, and environmental policy, to name a few key issue areas.

SPEAKERS: Rachel Rubin & Monica Medina

Women in Tech

Less than 1/4 of people in the technology field are women. Come hear these barrier-breaking women discuss how we can change that. 

SPEAKERS: Corrine Warnshius, Sarah Kunst & Vanessa Chan

Feeling Like a Fraud: Tackling Impostor Syndrome as a Female

What do you do when you've made it but still feel unprepared or undeserving? Join a conversation with two women at various stages of their careers discuss impostor syndrome.

speakers: Ruth Marcus & Jazmine Hughes

Writing While Female

Hear from women who have written on everything from pop culture to a history of Monopoly. These women have written on myriad topics, in print and online, and have worked in all aspects of the writing and publishing fields.

speakers: Maris Kreizman, Mary Pilon & Vanessa Golembewski

Women in Law

In front of the bench and behind it, these women use their JDs in very different ways. Come hear them speak about their experience working in law.

SPEAKERS: Ellen Ceisler, Dana Seshens & Priscilla Jimenez

Tackling Discrimination in the Work Place

Not all women face the same struggles. These women discuss how to combat workplace discrimination that disproportionately affects minority women. 

speakers: Lubna Mian, Sonya WeiglE & Nancy Solomon 

Women in Medicine

These women are experts on saving lives, shattering expectations, and breaking down barriers. Come hear what it takes to succeed as a woman in medicine.

SPEAKERS: dr. Susan Taylor, dr. Jyothi Rao & dr. Lee Erickson

Alumni EntrepreneurS

With a Penn degree in hand, these women have seen problems in the world and found creative and entrepreneurial ways to solve them.

speakers: Brooke Wurst, Julia Rose & Helena Fogerty

Women of the News

On TV, radio, and in print, these women are chasing down and reporting the most important stories of the day.

speakers: Nancy Solomon, Ruth Marcus & Sarah Gonzales

Solving Problems for Women of Color

Hear from women who have focused their careers on solving problems that predominately affect women of color.

speakers: DR. Susan Taylor, Regina Gwynn & Elaine Johnson

Business Career cOUNSELING with Lisa Tretler

Learn how to launch a business with an expert consultant in the industry.

SPeakers: Lisa Tretler

Women in Science and Engineering

The quintessential image of a scientist or engineer is often a man in a lab coat, but these women shatter that picture. Listen to how they navigate and have succeeded in traditionally male-dominated fields.

speakers: Julia Tartaglia, Christina Tartaglia & dr. Moitreyee Chatterjee-Kishore

Career Counseling Session with Lynn CarRoll

Not sure where your classes will take you after you graduate? Hear advice from a professional career advisor, who happens to be a Penn alum.

SPEAKERS: Lynn CaRroll

Women in Comms

Learn from experts how to craft a message and make sure your voice is heard. Communication is key, and these women know how it’s done.

SPEAKERS: Marie Harf & Morgan Finkelstein

Women in Non-Profits

With the goal of helping others at the center of what they do, these women are experts on creating solutions to advance greater society. 

SPEAKERS: Laurie Strongin, Elaine Johnson and JoAnne Fischer

How to Run for Office

We all know there are not enough women holding political office in the U.S. and around the world. Come learn the skill set that will enable YOU to change that.  

Speakers: Melissa Richmond 

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